Regional Context
The Wouol Association is located in the Cascades region, South-West of Burkina Faso. This region has an area of 18 200 km2 and includes the provinces of Comoé and Léraba. Between April and October, it receives between 800 and 950 mm of rain. The temperature varies from 17 to 36 C. The most exploited agricultural productions are the culture of cereals, predominated by corn, the fruit arboriculture, predominated by mangoes, cotton production, sugar cane, and tuber predominated by yams and potatoes. The processing of these products and crafts are also an important income source for the region.

According to a morpho-pedological research in the Cascades region carried out by BUNASOLS in 1999, the most favourable farming for the region is arboriculture, irrigated riziculture and market gardening. This region is also good for forest development and cattle, sheep and goat breeding.

Socio-economic situation
The national developmental politics of Burkina Faso, like the Strategic Board of Fight Against Poverty (CSLP) and the Rural Development Strategy (SDR), favour political decentralization. In spite of these politics and of the GDP increase, the population continues impoverishing. In 2005, the GDP per habitant was 350 USD and the rate of people living under the poverty threshold reached 46%. In the Casade region, poverty went from 39% in 1998 to 42% in 2003. In front of these numbers, it is a priority to increase employment for the most vulnerable part of the population, and to actively support the rural community’s efforts. It is necessary that development organizations inform, train, organize and guide rural people about growth projects in order to help their emancipation and to let them play a role the the economic construction of the country.

In the Cascades region, 43% of the population is active on a total of 448 thousand inhabitants. This group supports the expenses of the less than 15 years old, which represents 47%, and of elders, which is 10% of the total population. The members of the Wouol Association mainly live from agriculture of subsistence which they complete with small breeding activities, crafts and fishing. The members belong to different ethnic groups like the Bobos, the Turkas and the Goins.

Some of the Association’s members are repatriated peasants from the Ivory Coast conflict of 2003. They were welcomed in their original community where work was offered to them. Men work in the member’s cooperative growing fields and women work in the mango processing centers.

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