In the 70s, the Comoé Sugar Society installed an enormous sugar cane plantation in the city next to Beregadougou, in Banfora. It offered employment to the young people of the region who started, one at a time, to abandon their land to get work in that industry. Facing this increasing desertion of fields and of traditional working methods, a group of farmers from Beregadougou founded, in 1980, the Wouol Association in order to return to traditional systems of culture and to revive local customs.

For more than 25 years now, the Wouol Association organizes agricultural, protection of the environment and local traditions promoting activities. To the members, all of these activities are of equal importance since they consider them an integral part of their heritage.


Strategic approach
The strategic approach of the Wouol Association aims to the following goals:

  • Diagnose the need for new innovations within the production systems 

  • Structure the local economy by putting together adapted micro-enterprises by promoting bio and fair products and through the creation of an intergrated commercial platform

  • Educate rural populations in order to favor individual development and improve the products quality as well as the companies’ productivity. 

  • Promote lobbying and pleading speeches to influence political decisions in favor of the rural world.

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