Intermon Oxfam is a fighting group that acts with and for disadvantaged populations in order to eradicate poverty. According to them, every human being must fully benefit of their rights and live in dignity.


Africa Gebana works close to local farmers as an organic and biologic dried fruit exporter.

The INERA is one of the four research institutes of the Scientific and Technological National Research Center. It’s a specialized public structure officialy mandated to enssure the formation,  execution and the coordination of agricultural and environmental researches in Burkina Faso.
The basic function of ECOCERT is to guarantee the respect, in the books, of applicable charges to products, systems or to services. Obtaining this certificate represents a proof of security to consumers and users.
The SNV is an international development organization based in the Netherlands. Its mission is to advise national organizations working against poverty and who doesn’t have access to commercial counceling services.

FLO is the only international organisation of fair trade certification. Its objective is to allow a sustainable development of South marginalized producers
(Regional Solidarity Bank)
In order to promote independent jobs, the BRS has the mandate of financing income generating activities undertaken by unfortunate populations who traditionnaly don’t have acces to the banking system.
(Circle of Dryers)
The CDS aims the production and marketing of dried fruits and vegetables destinated particularly to the European market.
Catalogne Polytechnical University
Bobo-Dioulasso Polytechnical University via the Rural Development Institute
Ouagadougou University
Matourkou Multi-purpose Agricultural Center
Regional House of Agriculture of the Cascades Region (CRA-RCAS)
APIPAC  Association of private irrigation professionals and of connected activities
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