Who are we?
Wouol is a development association bringing together 46 groups of agricultural producers and transformation entities gathering 2000 rural members of which 70% are women. The majority of our products have the biological and fair trade certificates.

The President’s word of welcome
Developing a viable, creative and dynamic rural Africa both connected to the positive evolution of the world while remainig attached to our fondamental values of mutual assistance, solidarity and dignity, this is the spirit that guides my engagement in the path of development that I’ve started with the Wouol of Beregadougou Association.

Antoine Sombié

To contribute to a sustainable improvement of the local population’s life conditions by protecting and bringing out the natural and cultural resources of the Cascades region located West of Burkina Faso.

To propose an alternative to the restructuring social values related to the economic trend that governs our modern world throughout our motto of Solidarity, Dynamism and Development. Also to offer a model of development centered on the rural society’s reality by respecting local expertise and promoting a fair sharing of fruitful activities. In turka, the local language, the word ‘wouol’ means mutual assistance and solidarity.

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