The Wouol Association put in place an agricultural production system that is concerned with environmental issues and the organization respects the social and ethical conditions of the producers. These 2 poles of development allowed the organization to obtain the ECOCERT certificate for the biological aspect of the products and the FLO certificate for the fair trade aspect.

Since 2005, these certificates gave the Association a presence on the biological and fair trade market with products like mangoes and cashew apples, which are their leading products. In the following years, they’ve achieved important progress in terms of certified field surfaces and quantities of exported finished products.

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Our products

The cashews is a tropical tree with persistent leaves, originally from Brazil. It produces the cashew apple fruit and the cashew nut. The nut is harvested in the villagers’ plantations which are being looked after by small groups of local producers.

In the Wouol Association, the drying of the cashew apple gives a final product of superior quality thanks to the respect of strict and rigorous hygienic and technical recommendations. The experience of the people in the different sectors of the production and transformation line also plays an important role.

The almond coming from the nut is edible and very rich in vitamins and nutritious components. After the drying, it is offered on the market through various shapes:

-in its natural form for a snack

-in some recipes for human and animal diets

-through various products like paste, oil and cosmetics

Here are the steps for drying the … almond:

-Boiler connected to autoclaves using wood for cooking the nuts

-A sorting table equipped with local and crafts made cranks

-Electro-gas dryers adapted by local technicians

-Drying time of 8 hours

-The process needs experienced and professional workers in order to control quality and increase the production of the whole nut.

With the dried almonds, a multitude of products can easily be made:

-Caramel is made of crumbled almonds and is meant for human foods

- Cashew apple paste is made of crumbled almonds as well and is assigned to human foods

- Cashew apple oil is extracted from the paste and is used in human foods as well as in the fabrication of cosmetics

- The tourteau cashew fruit is obtained by using the paste and is meant for both human and animal diets

The mango tree, who belongs to the Anacardiaceae family, is one of the most cultivated fruit tree in Burkina Faso. It can reach 15 meters tall and has a spreaded out foliage which brings shade during the hot season. Its multiplication is mainly done by grafting which allows the preservation of varieties.

Mangoes are fleshy fruits with a big pit shaped like a kidney and are approximately 5 to 15 cm. Depending on the variety; the ripened fruit’s skin comes in various colours, from different shades of green, red and yellow. The pulp has an orange yellowish colour and is the edible part. Only the pulp is used during the drying. The Wouol Association’s dried mangoes are exported to Switzerland, Holand and England.

Mangoes can also be sold fresh or as juice or jam.

The steps involved in drying fresh mangoes include the following:



-Slicing of pealed mangoes


-Sorting the dried pieces of mango in different quality levels

-Separate packing of the quality levels

-Storage in bags and in cardboard boxes before sending

Le procédé de transformation de la mangue fraîche en mangue séchée consiste en une succession d’opérations telles :

· Lavage

· Épluchage

· Tranchage des mangues épluchées

· Mise en claies des pièces de mangues

· Séchage

· Tri des pièces de mangues sèches en trois qualités

· Emballage séparé des différentes qualités

· Stockage en sachets et cartons de mangues séchées 
  avant expédition

The exportation of fresh mango is difficult due to the strong competition of neighbouring countries. The Ivory Coast has the maritime advantage and Mali has recent mechanized installations available.
Other products
In order to maximise the existing equipment and to offer employment annually, it was necessary to offer a wide variety of products. The Wouol Association also offers the following products, such as:

-Fresh or dried pineapples

-Fresh or dried bananas

-Dried lemongrass

-Fresh or dried papayas

-Different types of dried or fresh manioc like dried ‘’attiéké’’, gari and tapioca