Our cultural services and our crafts


The Wouol Association supports the promotion of knowledge and local know-how relating to the art of crafts. The main products obtained by local craftsmen are traditional music instruments, basketwork (baskets and hand-held fans), tannery, wood sculpture, and objects made out of bronze. In addition to traditional crafts, professional craftsmen are also being promoted.

Indeed, the Association encourages the modernization of craft activities along with the intergration of crafts at the transformation level. The latter uses epuipment that is made and maintained by national craft artists.


Cultural services
The Wouol Association values the preservation of the region’s cultural diversity. Which is why it organizes cultural activities and has created a group of traditional dance and music called the “troop folklorique Yafie’’. Some members of the association have also created a theatrical group called the ‘’troupe Cible ensemble de la population”, which puts together plays meant to inspire awareness on variety of subjects such as the protection of the environment, womens’ social condition, and AIDS.


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