Testimonies of Volunteers

At first, I knew nothing about Africa. I found myself in a rural village called Beregadougou. From the start I appreciated the Burkinabeesí hospitality and openness.

The heat, the lack of water and diversity of food are difficulties which I was confronted with. I returned home with the knowledge that my contribution has been beneficial to the community. On the other hand, I felt powerless towards the desperate needs in this part of the world.

Pierrette Champoux
Canadian volunteer worker


It was a great pleasure for me to go in Beregadougou for the Wouol Association in order to establish an analytical accounting system allowing the companieís managers to have a detailed followup of the transformation costs of its various products. This system will improve decision making in the future.

With my past experience in various positions, Iíve appreciated working here with qualified and open minded people, who were receptive to my recommendations. 

In this Black Africa where people have horrible living conditions, Iíve always been welcomed with beautiful smiles and with a great generosity. How can anyone be unmotivated to help them?

Claude Bergeron
Canadian volunteer worker for the Canadian Assistance Service to Organizations


During my 6 weeks stay, Iíve created the Internet site, the Associationís promotional brochure and a photo exposition presented on the open door day. This series of pictures relates the daily lives of the Associationís members and of the local citizens of Beregadougou.

Iím very satisfied of the collaboration between the villagers and the Wouol leaders. In spite of difficult life conditions, the Wouol officials do all that is in their power to make the volunteerís stay a memorable one.

My tasks, along with my passion for photography, brought me to discover Beregadougou through different aspects. This way, Iíve integrated myself in the daily lives of these people, fighting for survival. I could observe the great importance of the Associationís role within the community and of the true value of my volunteering.

We are all citizens of this world; we have the obligation to shout out against injustice, but most of all to practice what we preach.

Patrick Nadeau
Canadian volunteer worker

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